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to the Backyard!


Our new home!

We have finally found the perfect spot for Bumble's Backyard! We are so excited to have you out to our new home and bring Bumble's Backyard to life! The Backyard will be the perfect spot for you and your pup to hang out and have some fun.

We will be located at 1280 Brown Road, Columbus. Click here to snag a spot at our next event! And don't forget to join our mailing list to stay up to date on the latest events and happenings. We look forward to seeing you and your pup soon!

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A place for good dogs and good people.

Bumble's Backyard is a community-centric, off-leash dog park and bar for the good dogs and good people of Columbus. It is the spot to have your morning coffee, impress a date, and, of course, hang out with your dog. The Backyard is entrenched in local culture. The art is by local artists, the coffee is roasted at your favorite coffee joint, and the beer is all brewed in town. The physical space highlights the very best that Columbus has to offer.


Big, small, adorable, and adorably ugly dogs are welcome. Splash pads, soaking tubs, obstacles, and lush, clean, mud-free turf are as far as the snoot can smell. All humans are welcome to pull up a chair, grab a drink, and stay awhile.

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A Treat for Dogs and  Humans

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We partner with local breweries and roasters to make sure your favorite drinks are there when you need them. Grab your favorite coffee, wine, or beer and savor it in the Backyard. Sit, stay, drink!

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Bumble’s Backyard showcases a human- and dog-centered park design. The Backyard is an off-leash park with dog-friendly turf grass where dogs can frolic through splash pads, soaking tubs, and agility obstacles. Meanwhile, humans can relax into a comfortable seat and chat with a new friend while our trained Barktenders watch out for your dog.

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Looking to join the pack? We can’t wait to have you! Annual, month, and day pass options are available for dogs. Humans are always free.

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Meet the Team
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Meet the Team

Bumble, Lauryn, and Evan Betterton are the team behind Bumble’s Backyard. In the summer of 2020, Lauryn and Evan used their backyard as a makeshift dog park where they could spend time with their friends, neighbors, and, of course, their dogs. That’s when it clicked - why doesn’t Columbus have a place where dogs and humans can play?

The average public dog park misses the mark for two groups - humans...and dogs. Dog parks are tricky to maintain. It’s hard for grass to grow, mud is a constant, shredded toys are left behind, and there’s always a chance you’re going to step in something stinky. The parks have hours that change with the season, and sometimes close for the winter months. Beyond that, it’s up to dog-havers to monitor the park and interrupt any scuffles that break out between dogs. Speaking of dog-havers, public dog parks never have anywhere to sit and get comfortable, hardly ever any shade, and if there is wi-fi, it’s not strong enough to pretend to listen to a work meeting. So they hatched a plan.


With Bumble leading the pack, the Bettertons are creating Bumble’s Backyard, a place where dogs, dog-lovers, and dog-havers can live, grow, and play - together.

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